Ripe Mango – Health Benefits, Home Remedies

Considered the ‘king of end result’, fresh mangos are eaten extra than another fruit in the world. The candy aromatic flavor of mangoes refreshes the thoughts and instils happiness. There are over one thousand distinct varieties of this fruit.

Mangos are one of the richest assets of nutrients A, C and E as well as minerals which includes postassium, magnesium, copper, calcium and phosphorous. They also are filled with fibre and anti- oxidant compounds.

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Yellow ripe mango is good and heating. Taken in moderation it balances all 3 doshas. It is an energizer and an aphrodisiac. Patients having diabetes, need to consult their Doctor earlier than consuming them.

Home Remedies

Eating mangos frequently, whilst in season, can assist hold healthy cholesterol levels .
For power and energy, devour 1 ripe mango day by day and an hour or so later drink a cup of heat milk with a tsp of ghee.
Mango is good for pregnant girls because it facilitates lactation
One tsp of roasted powdered, mango seed 2-three instances a day with a tsp of honey enables take away intestinal worms.
For diarrhea, take ½ tsp of of roasted powdered mango seed with 4 tbsp of yoghurt two times a day, at some stage in the day.
To help prevent a nosebleed, instil 2-3 drops of fresh mango seed juice in each nose. To make the juice, grate the seed and placed it in a muslin fabric and squeeze out the juice.
Mix ½ tsp powdered mango seed, ½ tsp haritaki (harad) powder and 1/three cup of milk. Apply at the scalp at night and wash it out the subsequent morning.
Drinking 1 cup of sparkling mango juice, and ½ cup of milk with a pinch every of cardamom and a nutmeg and 1 tsp ghee gives power and power and acts as an aphrodisiac. It also facilitates to relieve constipation and diarrhea. It is likewise excellent for patients of high blood pressure or coronary heart situations. To be averted in excessive heat associated situations.
For beautiful skin, hold the pores and skin after peeling a ripe mango and rub it over the face. Allow it to dry for 10-15mins after which rinse of with heat water. This remedy will depart your skin radiant, gentle and blemish loose.






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